latest hair colours

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Latest Hair Colours

Get the latest hair tips on the best products, hairstyles and color.
41. Copper Cutie
This all over copper, red blonde tone is a perfectly cozy hue for the winter season.
42. Golden Brown Goddess
This deep brunette with golden overtones is positively scrumptious.
43. Afton
Whether you have dark or light hair, subtle highlights that are just a few levels lighter than your base color look more like a shine on your hair.
44. Claudia
You don t need to put color all over or even from roots to ends! Accent colors like this really highlight and accentuate a haircut.
45. Flor
Balayage highlights are hand painted highlights. They are soft and organic looking as they do not start right at the root area. What s best about them is that they require less maintenance than regular highlights!
46. Lauren
If you want natural looking highlights, this is the goal. This look is darker in the back and on the bottom, and lighter on the top and in front.
47. Rachel
Pixelated hair is the new craze. Be the trendsetter and be the first to get it in your circle!
48. Stephanie
Get hair color that doesn t just look pretty, but looks expensive too. We love this beautiful soft baby blonde for summer!
49. Samantha
Some call it
50. Hadly
Have some rays of summer sunlight in your hair by adding golden highlights.

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