largest deserts of the world

Great Victoria Desert Australia

Largest Deserts of the World

Largest Desert in the World.
Great Victoria Desert Australia
The Great Victoria Desert is a barren, arid, and sparsely populated desert ecoregion in southern Australia. It falls inside the states of South Australia and Western Australia and consists of many small sandhills, grasslands and salt lakes. It is over 700 kilometres (430 mi) wide (from west to east) and covers an area of 424,400 square kilometres (163,900 sq mi). The Western Australia Mallee shrub ecoregion lies to the west, the Little Sandy Desert to the northwest, the Gibson Desert and the Central Ranges xeric shrublands to the north, the Tirari and Sturt Stony deserts to the east, and the Nullarbor Plain to the south separates it from the Southern Ocean.

Dasht e Lut
Kalahari Desert Southern Africa
Patagonia Desert Argentina
Gobi Desert Mongolia
Karakum Desert
Great Victoria Desert Australia
Chihuahuan Desert Mexico
Great Sandy Desert Australia
Namib Desert
Thar Desert
Colorado Plateau
Atacama Desert
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