krishna janamashtmi

Krishna Janamashtmi

11. Create the birthday atmosphere at home
Decorating your home for Krishna can be fun, particularly for children. Encourage them in helping to make garlands, hanging balloons and festoons of leaves, and generally making the house beautiful for Krishna's appearance. In some parts of India, this is also a occassion to run a contest for most beautiful decoration of house or temples.
12. Sing and Dance
Celebrate this as festival of devotional songs and dance performances by young children. Krishna, also known as Murlidhara, or “one who holds the flute,” loves music. And so will your friends and family, as you take turns singing and playing instruments. Alternatively, play bhajan CDs and heighten the spiritual atmosphere.
13. Cooking special dishes
it's always nice to cook very special preparations to offer to the Lord. Imagine that Krishna was actually right there, in your house, what would you offer Him? This makes for a wonderful meditation while cooking on Janmashtami.
14. Aarti at midnight
Have a midnight aarti with a kirtan. This is the exact time that Krishna appeared on this planet, so it is most auspicious and spiritually inspiring. If you have aarti paraphernalia, then you can do a full offering. If not, don't worry, Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita, “If you offer Me with love, a leaf, flower, fruit or water, I will accept it.” So offer whatever you can, it's your love and devotion that matters.
15. Fasting for the day
If you are able to fast from food, fasting until midnight is recommended. If fasting is too difficult, then try to eat only light foods during the day. By putting our own needs aside and concentrating more on Krishna's, we show our love for him.
16. Gift for elders and friends
Janmashtami is not just as festival. It is the time to rejoice in the glory of Lord Sri Krishna and his achievements. Gifting your friends and relatives is a primary aspect of the festival. This will appropriately convey your feelings towards your friends and relatives and show respect and care for your elders.
17. Krishna Aarti Part 1
18. Krishna Aarti Part 2
19. Krishna Aarti Part 3
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