jogging tips and guidelines

The Specificity Rule

Jogging Tips and Guidelines

Jogging Tips and Guidelines
The Specificity Rule
The most effective training mimics the event for which youre training. This is the cardinal rule of training for any activity. If you want to run a 10 K at seven minute per mile pace, you need to do some running at that pace. Runners are best served by running at goal pace and in the expected environment of that race, says Ann Snyder, Ph.D., director of the human performance lab at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

The Exception Its impractical to wholly mimic a race particularly longer distances in training because it would require extended recovery. So, when doing race specific training, keep the total distance covered shorter than the goal race, or run at your race pace in shorter segments with rest breaks interval training .

The Tempo Pace Rule
The Long Run Pace Rule
Listen to Your Body
Use good equipment
Warm up before jogging
The best time for jogging
The Finishing Time Rule
Dont force your body
The Refueling Rule
Rest the day after
The 10 Minute Rule
The 10 Degree Rule
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