intriguing lost cities around the world

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Taxila Pakistan

Intriguing Lost Cities Around the World

Lost Cities were prosperous, well-populated areas of human habitation to the Machu Pichu.
Taxila Pakistan

Founded by an ancient Indian King sometime around the 7th century BC, Taxila (or Takshashila) is a tale of three lost cities. The first was built on a hill, later known as Bhir Mound. In an Old Testament style confusion of begats and political intrigue, the city was lost to a new Taxila, known as Sirkap, built by Greek invaders. It enjoyed a period of significance in the world of philosophy and the arts, which continued under the Kushans, who took over and refounded Taxil as Sirsukh. Eventually, the city was lost to the Huns in the 6th century, who destroyed it and left it in ruins. Visit the site today, about 30km northwest of Islamabad. The Taxila Museum houses all manner of artifacts, which help you get a feel for the complex history of this once great city.

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