Intriguing Lost Cities Around the World
Lost Cities were prosperous, well-populated areas of human habitation to the Machu Pichu.. Maximum output with some simple thoughts...
Babylon Iraq
Babylon, settled around 2500 BC, became a great centre of the Mesopotamian world 500 years later, when Hammurabi, the king of the Babylon empire, made it his capital. It was destroyed in the 6th century BC by the Assyrians, and then left to fall into ruin in the 2nd century BC, following the death of Alexander the Great. The ruins of Babylon conjure images of a biblical past: the tower of Babel; the beautiful hanging gardens...and there s that certain disco song that just won t leave your head.

Bodie California
Wittenoom Australia
Herculaneum Italy
Palenque Mexico
Taxila Pakistan
Carthage Tunisia
Babylon Iraq
Skara Brae Scotland

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