international sport events

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International Sport Events

Some of the most recognised sporting events in the world.
11. Ironman Triathlon
In 1978, the island of Hawaii became the destination of the world most incredible athletes. The Ironman Triathlon, which features a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a marathon (26.2 miles) run, tests even the toughest men and women from all over the world, and pushes them to inhumane limits.The race starts at 7 a.m. and must be finished by midnight (12 a.m.) the next day. There is no way to ever know what you will be putting your body through, because it is nearly impossible.There are Ironman Triathlons that take place all over the world as qualifiers for the world championships in Hawaii, where the champion is crowned.
12. Summer X Games
Who would have thought that guys who skateboard and ride bikes would one day get a legitimate competition that allowed them to put on some of the most incredible shows of talent.Believe it or not, it is here to stay.Watching these athletes from all over the world come together to make death defying jumps and tricks is great every time. The X Games have evolved and I am glad to be along for the ride.
13. IAAF World Championships
Of course we need to put in the IAAF World Championships. This is where Usain Bolt has been lowering his own world records time and time again.While Bolt might be the most notable athlete at the competition, which takes place every two years, there were over 2000 competitors there in Berlin, Germany in 2009.
14. Volvo Ocean Race
Established in 1973, the Volvo Ocean Race is the world biggest yacht race and takes place every three years. It a nine month, 39000 nautical mile race that goes around the entire world.Along the journey, crew members experience sleep deprivation, hunger and extremely hot and cold temperatures, while facing dangerous terrains.The crews must trust their skippers in order to win the race, let alone get home alive. It is one of the most dangerous races out there, that tests both mental and physical endurance.
15. Cricket World Cup
Like rugby, this sport does not get as much play in the United States, but it certainly has an international following. The Cricket World Cup has just taken place in 2011, resulting in a victory for India.The tournament, which takes place once every four years, continues to have a lot of political influences as highlighted through the match between India and Pakistan.
16. Rugby World Cup
Though not as popular in America, the Rugby World Cup has brought historically significant political events to the forefront. The Rugby World Cup became official in 1987, though it was played in an unofficial fashion for decades. This is not a sport that many relate with, but it is internationally liked and produces some of the toughest men in the world. If you have not seen it before, the New Zealand All Blacks Haka War Dance is the coolest pre game ritual in sports.Imagine if the Celtics and Lakers stared at each other and were allowed to yell and intimidate one another. I cannot wait to see what KG comes up with.
17. New York City Marathon
The race, established in 1970, features some of the best professional and amateur runners in the world. This is one of the most coveted races in the United States and draws some of the best in the business.Competitors from the United States, Africa, Europe and South America have won the title, and the course runs through all five of New York historic boroughs.
18. 24 Hours of Le Mans
This French race has been held since 1923 and features a test of endurance that cannot be matched.driving for 24 straight hours. Granted it is a team of drivers, but this unique competition tests the manufacturers abilities to make cars that are both fast and durable.Unlike the uniformity of other races, the cars are different, and the style of racing is like nothing you have ever seen.The track is not nearly as difficult as some of the other major Grand Prix races, but the 24 hour length, and the history makes it one of the most interesting sporting events in the world.
19. Little League World Series
Few people realize that this is both an international competition, and the envy of any guy that has ever played Little League baseball.The Little League World Series, held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, is the oldest Little League championship, and pits the winners of the United States and World brackets. The tournament has evolved over time and has become a cornerstone of late summer ESPN programming.
20. Billabong ISA World Surfing Games
I tried surfing once, and was repeatedly punished by the ocean for even attempting the feat. But watching the Billabong ISA World Surfing Games reassures me that it is possible to stand on a surfboard and to master the craft.

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