Suffering quotes
The salvation of the world is in man's suffering.

- Faulkner, William
It is the lot of man to suffer.

- Disraeli, Benjamin
I have suffered too much in this world not to hope for another.

- Rousseau, Jean Jacques
Anywhere I see suffering, that is where I want to be, doing what I can.

- Diana, Princess of Wales
Of what worth are convictions that bring not suffering?

- Saint-Exupery, Antoine De
Once my heart was captured, reason was shown the door, deliberately and with a sort of frantic joy. I accepted everything, I believed everything, without struggle, without suffering, without regret, without false shame. How can one blush for what one adores?

- Sand, George
Oh, fear not in a world like this, and thou shalt know erelong, know how sublime a thing it is to suffer and be strong.

- Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth
One must really have suffered oneself to help others.

- Mother Teresa
Is suffering so very serious? I have come to doubt it. It may be quite childish, a sort of undignified pastime -- I'm referring to the kind of suffering a man inflicts on a woman or a woman on a man. It's extremely painful. I agree that it's hardly bearable. But I very much fear that this sort of pain deserves no consideration at all. It's no more worthy of respect than old age or illness.

- Colette, Sidonie Gabrielle
To become a spectator of one's own life is to escape the suffering of life.

- Wilde, Oscar
Suffering is the ancient law of love; there is not quest without pain; there is no lover who is not also a martyr.

- Suso, Heinrich
A misery is not to be measured from the nature of the evil, but from the temper of the sufferer.

- Joseph Addison
A man who suffers before it is necessary, suffers more than is necessary.

- Seneca
No one is more miserable than the person who wills everything and can do nothing.

- Claudius
There is no true love save in suffering, and in this world we have to choose either love, which is suffering, or happiness. Man is the more man -- that is, the more divine -- the greater his capacity for suffering, or rather, for anguish.

- Unamuno, Miguel De
One writes of scars healed, a loose parallel to the pathology of the skin, but there is no such thing in the life of an individual. There are open wounds, shrunk sometimes to the size of a pin-prick but wounds still. The marks of suffering are more comparable to the loss of a finger, or the sight of an eye. We may not miss them, either, for one minute in a year, but if we should there is nothing to be done about it.

- Fitzgerald, F. Scott
Please choose the way of peace. ... In the short term there may be winners and losers in this war that we all dread. But that never can, nor never will justify the suffering, pain and loss of life your weapons will cause.

- Mother Teresa
The truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt.

- Thomas Merton
Dolendi modus, timendi non item. (To suffering there is a limit; to fearing, none.)

- Sir Francis Bacon
More than ever before, Americans are suffering from back problems, back taxes, back rent, back auto payments.

- Orben, Robert

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