Science quotes
All abstract sciences are nothing but the study of relations between signs.

- Diderot, Denis
The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

- Albert Einstein
Clear conscience never fears midnight knocking.

- Proverb, Chinese
Science fiction films are not about science. They are about disaster, which is one of the oldest subjects of art.

- Sontag, Susan
The only thing you will ever be able to say in the so-called'social'sciences is: "some do, some don't.

- Ernst Rutherford
It is not easy to imagine how little interested a scientist usually is in the work of any other, with the possible exception of the teacher who backs him or the student who honors him.

- Rostand, Jean
Conscience does make cowards of us all.

- Shakespeare, William
Can a society in which thought and technique are scientific persist for a long period, as, for example, ancient Egypt persisted, or does it necessarily contain within itself forces which must bring either decay or explosion?

- Russell, Bertrand
Science is a first-rate piece of furniture for a man's upper chamber, if it has common sense on the ground floor.

- Holmes, Oliver Wendell
In science as in love, too much concentration on technique can often lead to impotence.

- P. L. Berger
In science read the newest works, in literature read the oldest.

- Bulwer-Lytton, Edward G.
Coincidences are a true paradox... on the one hand they seem to be the source of our greatest irrationalities--seeing causal connections when science tells us they aren't there. On the other hand, some of our greatest feats of scientific discovery depend on coincidences.

- Josh Tenenbaum
Guilt resembles a sword with two edges. On the one hand, it cuts for Justice, imposing practical morality upon those who fear it. But there is another side to that weighted emotion. Conscience does not always adhere to rational judgment. Guilt is always a self-imposed burden, but it is not always rightly imposed.

- R. A. Salvatore
Little girl's definition of conscience: Something that makes you tell your mother before your brother or sister does.

By keenly confronting the enigmas that surround us, and by considering and analysing the observations that I have made, I ended up in the domain of mathematics, Although I am absolutely without training in the exact sciences, I often seem to have more in common with mathematicians than with my fellow artists.

- M. C. Escher
Science has explained nothing; the more we know the more fantastic the world becomes and the profounder the surrounding darkness.

- Huxley, Aldous
A Sunday school is a prison in which children do penance for the evil conscience of their parents.

- H. L. Mencken
There is only one duty, only one safe course, and that is to try to be right.

- Churchill, Winston
God is the name we give our conscience.

- Shureih, Nader
But how is one to make a scientist understand that there is something unalterably deranged about differential calculus, quantum theory, or the obscene and so inanely liturgical ordeals of the precession of the equinoxes.

- Artaud, Antonin

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