Riches quotes
Death and life have their determined appointments; riches and honors depend upon heaven.

- Confucius
This, then, is held to be the duty of the man of wealth: First, to set an example of modest, unostentatious living, shunning display or extravagance; to provide moderately for the legitimate wants of those dependent upon him; and, after doing so, to consider all surplus revenues which come to him simply as trust funds, which he is called upon to administer, and strictly bound as a matter of duty to administer in the manner which, in his judgment, is best calculated to produce the most beneficial results for the community --the man of wealth thus becoming the mere trustee and agent for his poorer brethren, bringing to their service his superior wisdom, experience and ability to administer, doing for them better than they would or could do for themselves.

- Carnegie, Andrew
Nothing more clearly shows how little God esteems his gift to men of wealth, money, position and other worldly goods, than the way he distributes these, and the sort of men who are most amply provided with them.

- Bruyere, Jean De La
With coarse rice to eat, with water to drink, and my bended arm for a pillow - I have still joy in the midst of these things. Riches and honors acquired by unrighteousness are to me as a floating cloud.

- Confucius
Riches do not consist in the possession of treasures, but in the use made of them.

- Bonaparte, Napoleon
Every morning I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work.

- Robert Orben
The rich swell up with pride, the poor from hunger.

- Aleichem, Sholom
Her voice is full of money.

- Fitzgerald, F. Scott
The Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea are made of the same water. It flows down, clean and cool, from the heights of Herman and the roots of the cedars of Lebanon. the Sea of Galilee makes beauty of it, the Sea of Galilee has an outlet. It gets to give. It gathers in its riches that it may pour them out again to fertilize the Jordan plain. But the Dead Sea with the same water makes horror. For the Dead Sea has no outlet. It gets to keep.

- Fosdick, Harry Emerson
He that maketh haste to be rich shall not be innocent. [Proverbs 28:20]

- Bible
Through wisdom is a house built; and by understanding it is established; and by knowledge shall every room be filled with precious and pleasant riches.

- Bible
The wretchedness of being rich is that you live with rich people. To suppose, as we all suppose, that we could be rich and not behave as the rich behave, is like supposing that we could drink all day and stay sober.

- Smith, Logan Pearsall
All riches have their origin in mind. Wealth is in ideas -- not money.

- Collier, Robert
Of all classes the rich are the most noticed and the least studied.

- Galbraith, John Kenneth
To have what we want is riches, but to be able to do without is power.

- George MacDonald
A certain kind of rich man afflicted with the symptoms of moral dandyism sooner or later comes to the conclusion that it isn't enough merely to make money. He feels obliged to hold views, to espouse causes and elect Presidents, to explain to a trembling world how and why the world went wrong. The spectacle is nearly always comic.

- Lapham, Lewis H.
Among all the modernized aspects of the most luxurious of industries, the model, a vestige of voluptuous barbarianism, is like some plunder-laden prey. She is the object of unbridled regard, a living bait, the passive realization of an ideal. No other female occupation contains such potent impulses to moral disintegration as this one, applying as it does the outward signs of riches to a poor and beautiful girl.

- Colette, Sidonie Gabrielle
My early and invincible love of reading I would not exchange for all the riches of India.

- Gibbon, Edward
There is some magic in wealth, which can thus make persons pay their court to it, when it does not even benefit themselves. How strange it is, that a fool or knave, with riches, should be treated with more respect by the world, than a good man, or a wise man in poverty!

- Ann Radcliffe
All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.

- Hill, Napoleon

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