Prayer quotes
Let everyone try and find that as a result of daily prayer he adds something new to his life, something with which nothing can be compared.

- Gandhi, Mahatma
Our thanks to God should always precede our requests.

The fewer the words, the better the prayer.

- Luther, Martin
When I was young I had an elderly friend who used often to ask me to stay with him in the country. He was a religious man and he read prayers to the assembled household every morning. But he had crossed out in pencil all the passages that praised God. He said that there was nothing so vulgar as to praise people to their faces and, himself a gentleman, he could not believe that God was so ungentlemanly as to like it.

- W. Somerset Maugham
The constant habit of perusing devout books is so indispensable, that it has been termed the oil of the lamp of prayer. Too much reading, however, and too little meditation, may produce the effect of a lamp inverted; which is extinguished by the very excess of that ailment, whose property is to feed it.

- More, Hannah
Battering the gates of heaven with the storms of prayer.

- Tennyson, Lord Alfred
Prayer is talking with God and telling Him you love Him, conversing with God about all the things that are important in life, both large and small, and being assured that He is listening.

- Strait, C. Neil
I don't know of a single foreign product that enters this country untaxed, except the answer to prayer.

- Twain, Mark
There is no greater distance than that between a man in prayer and God.

- Illich, Ivan
We term sleep a death by which we may be literally said to die daily; in fine, so like death, I dare not trust it without my prayers.

- Browne, Sir Thomas
Prayer should be short, without giving God Almighty reasons why he should grant this, or that; he knows best what is good for us.

- Selden, John
Prayer is less about changing the world than it is about changing ourselves.

- Wolpe, David J.
Common people do not pray; they only beg.

- Shaw, George Bernard
Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks. [I Thessalonians]

- Bible
When I pray, coincidences happen, and when I don't, they don't.

- Temple, Sir William
In my life, I have prayed but one prayer: oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it.

- Voltaire
Ask God's blessing on your work, but don't ask him to do it for you.

- Robson, Dame Flora
If I regard wickedness in my heart the Lord will not hear. [Psalms 66:18]

- Bible
Prayer is the only refuge against the Walpurgis-dance of the witches and the fiends, which at hapless moments whirl unbidden through a mortal brain.

- Two Years Ago, chap. xix. 1856.
COENOBITE, n. A man who piously shuts himself up to meditate upon the sin of wickedness; and to keep it fresh in his mind joins a brotherhood of awful examples. O Coenobite, O coenobite, Monastical gregarian, You differ from the anchorite, That solitudinarian: With vollied prayers you wound Old Nick; With dropping shots he makes him sick. Quincy Giles

- Ambrose Bierce

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