Prayer quotes
We are all weak, finite, simple human beings, standing in the need of prayer. None need it so much as those who think they are strong, those who know it not, but are deluded by self-sufficiency.

- Phillips, Harold C.
The Lord's Prayer teaches that we are members of a family, when He tells us to pray not "My Father" but "Our Father;" not "my soul be saved," but "Thy kingdom come;" not "give me" but "give us our daily bread;" not "forgive me," but "forgive us our trespasses," and that only as we forgive others; not "lead me not," but "lead us not into temptation;" not "deliver me," but "deliver us from evil." After that manner our Lord tells us to pray, and in proportion as we pray in that manner, just so far, and no farther, will God hear our prayers.

- National Sermons. 1850.
A simple grateful thought turned heavenwards is the most perfect prayer.

- Lessing, Doris
Some pray to marry the man they love, my prayer will somewhat vary; I humbly pray to Heaven above that I love the man I marry.

- Stokes, Rose Pastor
The sovereign cure for worry is prayer.

- James, William
God answers sharp and sudden on some prayers and thrust the thing we have prayed for in our face, like a gauntlet with a gift in it.

- Browning, Elizabeth Barrett
We are on the side of religion as opposed to religions, and we are among those who believe in the wretched inadequacy of sermons and the sublimity of prayer.

- Hugo, Victor
Under certain circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.

- Mark Twain
Answered prayers cause more tears than those that remain unanswered.

- Teresa of Avila, St.
So we must daily keep things wound: that is, we must pray when prayer seems dry as dust; we must write when we are physically tired, when our hearts are heavy, when our bodies are in pain.

- Madeleine L'Engle
Heaven is full of answers to prayer for which no one bothered to ask.

- Billy Graham
I was not born for courts and great affairs, but I pay my debts, believe and say my prayers.

- Pope, Alexander
Heaven grant that the burden you carry may have as easy an exit as it had an entrance. [Prayer To A Pregnant Woman]

- Erasmus, Desiderius
Safe! There is no safety but from God, and that comes by prayer and faith.

- Hypatia. 1852.
I believe if we introduced the Lord's Prayer here, senators would propose a large number of amendments to it.

- Wilson, Henry
Practice in life whatever you pray for and God will give it to you more abundantly.

- Pusey, Edward Bouverie
If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is "thank you," that would suffice.

- Meister Eckhart
Prayer is translation. A man translates himself into a child asking for all there is in a language he has barely mastered.

- Cohen, Leonard
If the gods listened to the prayers of men, all humankind would quickly perish since they constantly pray for many evils to befall one another.

- Epicurus
Old hands soil, it seems, whatever they caress, but they too have their beauty when they are joined in prayer. Young hands were made for caresses and the sheathing of love. It is a pity to make them join too soon.

- Gide, Andre

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