Nature quotes
It is only the superficial qualities that last. Man's deeper nature is soon found out.

- Wilde, Oscar
Victory is by nature insolent and haughty.

- Cicero, Marcus T.
Nature's Laws are the invisible government of the earth.

- Alfred A. Montapert
Nature abhors a vacuum, but not as much as cats do.

- Lee Entrekin
The mob is man voluntarily descending to the nature of the beast. Its fit hour of activity is night. Its actions are insane like its whole constitution. It persecutes a principle; it would whip a right; it would tar and feather justice, by inflicting fire and outrage upon the houses and persons of those who have these. It resembles the prank of boys, who run with fire-engines to put out the ruddy aurora streaming to the stars.

- Emerson, Ralph Waldo
Art, like Nature, has her monsters, things of bestial shape and with hideous voices.

- Wilde, Oscar
Holidays are in no sense an alternative to the congestion and bustle of cities and work. Quite the contrary. People look to escape into an intensification of the conditions of ordinary life, into a deliberate aggravation of those conditions: further from nature, nearer to artifice, to abstraction, to total pollution, to well above average levels of stress, pressure, concentration and monotony -- this is the ideal of popular entertainment. No one is interested in overcoming alienation; the point is to plunge into it to the point of ecstasy. That is what holidays are for.

- Baudrillard, Jean
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire.

- Aristotle
Man, became man through work, who stepped out of the animal kingdom as transformer of the natural into the artificial, who became therefore the magician, man the creator of social reality, will always stay the great magician, will always be Prometheus bringing fire from heaven to earth, will always be Orpheus enthralling nature with his music. Not until humanity itself dies will art die.

- Fischer, Ernst
What breadth, what beauty and power of human nature and development there must be in a woman to get over all the palisades, all the fences, within which she is held captive!

- Herzen, Alexander
Whatever the universal nature assigns to any man at any time is for the good of that man at that time.

- Aurelius, Marcus
A great perturbation in nature, to receive at once the benefit of sleep and do the effects of watching!

- William Shakespeare
I'll walk where my own nature would be leading; it vexes me to choose another guide.

- Emily Bronte
That's the thing about Mother Nature, she really doesn't care what economic bracket you're in.

- Whoopi Goldberg
Nature herself has never attempted to effect great changes rapidly.

- Quintilian
Babies are necessary to grown-ups. A new baby is like the beginning of all things --wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities. In a world that is cutting down its trees to build highways, losing its earth to concrete... babies are almost the only remaining link with nature, with the natural world of living things from which we spring.

- Shan, Eda J. Le
Two purposes in human nature rule. Self-love to urge, and reason to restrain.

- Pope, Alexander
Capitalism is an art form, an Apollonian fabrication to rival nature. It is hypocritical for feminists and intellectuals to enjoy the pleasures and conveniences of capitalism while sneering at it. Everyone born into capitalism has incurred a debt to it. Give Caesar his due.

- Paglia, Camille
The imagination is man's power over nature.

- Stevens, Wallace
All that is noble is in itself of a quiet nature, and appears to sleep until it is aroused and summoned forth by contrast.

- Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von

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