Listening quotes
The less you talk, the more you're listened to.

- Buren, Abigail Van
Nature has given us two ears, two eyes, and but one tongue-to the end that we should hear and see more than we speak.

- Socrates
Dance like no one is watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, Sing like no one is listening, Live like it's heaven on earth.

- Purkey, William
A sweeping statement is the only statement worth listening to. The critic without faith gives balanced opinions, usually about second-rate writers.

- Kavanagh, Patrick
A good listener is usually thinking about something else.

- Kin Hubbard
It is a rare person who wants to hear want he doesn't want to hear.

- Cavett, Dick
No one really listens to anyone else, and if you try it for a while you'll see why.

- Mignon McLaughlin
There was a definite process by which one made people into friends, and it involved talking to them and listening to them for hours at a time.

- Rebecca West
When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen.

- Ernest Hemingway
Often I am still listening when the song is over.

- Jean François
Anybody who ask for advice nowadays just hasn't been listening.

As I get older, I've learned to listen to people rather than accuse them of things.

- Po Bronson
I get so tired listening to one million dollars here, one million dollars there, it's so petty.

- Marcos, Imelda
Most of us who turn to any subject we love remember some morning or evening hour when we got on a high stool to reach down an untried volume, or sat with parted lips listening to a new talker, or for very lack of books began to listen to the voices within, as the first traceable beginning of our love.

- Eliot, George
God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we can hear twice as much as we say.

Listen. Don't explain or justify.

- Dyer, William G.
To listen closely and reply well is the highest perfection we are able to attain in the art of conversation.

- Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Anger is a signal, and one worth listening to.

- Harriet Lerner
Listen. Do not have an opinion while you listen because frankly, your opinion doesn't hold much water outside of Your Universe. Just listen. Listen until their brain has been twisted like a dripping towel and what they have to say is all over the floor.

- Hugh Elliott
One of the best ways to persuade others is with your ears - by listening to them.

- Rusk, Dean

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