Learning quotes
Learning is finding out what you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, teachers.

We learn geology the morning after the earthquake.

- Emerson, Ralph Waldo
If history repeats itself, and the unexpected always happens, how incapable must Man be of learning from experience!

- Shaw, George Bernard
Learning isn't a means to an end; it is an end in itself.

- Heinlein, Robert
The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live.

- Adler, Mortimer J.
For a man to attain to an eminent degree in learning costs him time, watching, hunger, nakedness, dizziness in the head, weakness in the stomach, and other inconveniences.

- Cervantes, Miguel De
Learning to draw is really a matter of learning to see -- to see correctly -- and that means a good deal more than merely looking with the eye.

- Kimon Nicolaides
A handful of common sense is worth a bushel of learning.

To know where you can find a thing is the chief part of learning.

It takes more time and effort and delicacy to learn the silence of a people than to learn its sounds. Some people have a special gift for this. Perhaps this explains why some missionaries, notwithstanding their efforts, never come to speak properly, to communicate delicately through silences. Although they speak with the accent of natives they remain forever thousands of miles away. The learning of the grammar of silence is an art much more difficult to learn than the grammar of sounds.

- Illich, Ivan
Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much, are the three pillars of learning.

- Benjamin Disraeli
Religion is like holding on to a rock in the middle of a raging river; faith is learning how to swim.

Wisdom is learning what to overlook.

- James, William
Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.

- Ford, Henry
Much learning does not teach understanding.

- Heraclitus
Learning to dislike children at an early age saves a lot of expense and aggravation later in life.

- Robert Byrne
When I learn something new-and it happens every day-I feel a little more at home in this universe, a little more comfortable in the nest.

- Moyers, Bill
Change is the end result of all true learning. Change involves three things: First, a dissatisfaction with self -- a felt void or need; second, a decision to change to fill the void or need; and third, a conscious dedication to the process of growth and change -- the willful act of making the change, doing something.

- Buscaglia, Leo
The process of learning requires not only hearing and applying but also forgetting and then remembering again.

- John Gray
That one is learned who has reduced his learning to practice.

- Hitopadesa

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