Laziness quotes
Turn on the prudent ant thy heedful eyes. Observe her labors, sluggard, and be wise.

- Johnson, Samuel
Laziness may appear attractive, but work gives satisfaction.

- Anne Frank
A great deal of laziness of mind is called liberty of opinion.

A lazy person, whatever the talents with which he set out, will have condemned himself to second-hand thoughts and to second-rate friends.

- Connolly, Cyril
Laziness. Unwarranted repose of manner in a person of low degree.

- Bierce, Ambrose
Lazy people are always anxious to be doing something.

- Vauvenargues, Marquis De
He that is busy is tempted by but one devil; he that is idle, by a legion.

- Thomas Fuller
Sloth is the key to poverty.

- Proverb
Laziness travels so slowly that poverty soon overtakes him.

- Franklin, Benjamin
There art two cardinal sins from which all others spring: Impatience and Laziness.

- Franz Kafka
The only menace is inertia.

- Perse, St. John
I'm barely prolific and incredibly lazy.

- Petty, Tom
Some men are so lazy they won't even feed themselves.

- Bible
He also who is slack in his work is brother to him who destroys. [Proverbs 18:9]

- Bible
A loafer always has the correct time.

- Hubbard, Kin
Determine never to be idle...It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.

- Thomas Jefferson
Don't think of retiring from the world until the world will be sorry that you retire. I hate a fellow whom pride or cowardice or laziness drive into a corner, and who does nothing when he is there but sit and growl. Let him come out as I do, and bark.

- Johnson, Samuel
Idleness is not doing nothing. Idleness is being free to do anything.

- Floyd Dell
That indolent but agreeable condition of doing nothing.

- Pliny the Younger
Idleness and lack of occupation tend - nay are dragged - towards evil.

- Hippocrates

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