Hollywood quotes
In the court of the movie Owner, none criticized, none doubted. And none dared speak of art. In the Owner's mind art was a synonym for bankruptcy. The movie Owners are the only troupe in the history of entertainment that has never been seduced by the adventure of the entertainment world.

- Hecht, Ben
My driving abilities from Mexico have helped me get through Hollywood.

- Salma Hayek
In Hollywood all the marriages are happy, it's trying to live together afterwards that causes all the problems.

- Winters, Shelley
Where is Hollywood located? Chiefly between the ears. In that part of the American brain lately vacated by God.

- Jong, Erica
Hollywood's like Egypt, full of crumbled pyramids. It'll never come back. It'll just keep on crumbling until finally the wind blows the last studio prop across the sands.

- Selznick, David O.
Hollywood is a place where they place you under contract instead of under observation.

- Walter Winchell
There are only three ages for women in Hollywood--Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy.

- Hawn, Goldie
If it's a good script I'll do it. And if it's a bad script, and they pay me enough, I'll do it.

- Burns, George
Hollywood is the only industry, even taking in soup companies, which does not have laboratories for the purpose of experimentation.

- Welles, Orson
Critics are usually kinder to cheaper movies than to those they perceive to be big Hollywood releases. They cut you a lot more slack if you spend less money, which makes no sense.

- Coen, Ethan
The Hollywood tradition I like best is called "sucking up to the stars."

- Johnny Carson
In Hollywood if you don't have happiness you send out for it.

- Reed, Rex
If my books had been any worse, I should not have been invited to Hollywood, and if they had been any better, I should not have come.

- Chandler, Raymond
The only reason I'm in Hollywood is that I don't have the moral courage to refuse the money.

- Brando, Marlon
It's a mining town in lotus land.

Some are able and humane men and some are low-grade individuals with the morals of a goat, the artistic integrity of a slot machine, and the manners of a floorwalker with delusions of grandeur.

- Chandler, Raymond
I hate the place like poison with a sincere hatred.

Hollywood's a very weird place. I think there's less of everything except for attitude.

- Cain, Dean
Hollywood is like Picasso's bathroom.

- Candice Bergen
Hollywood has always been a cage... a cage to catch our dreams.

- Huston, John

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