Health quotes
To feel fit as a fiddle you must tone down your middle.

Happiness lies first of all in health.

- Curtis, George William
Success with money, family, relationships, health, and careers is the ability to reach your personal objectives in the shortest time, with the least effort and with the fewest mistakes. The goals you set for yourself and the strategies you choose become your blueprint or plan. Strategies are like recipes: choose the right ingredients, mix them in the correct proportions, and you will always produce the same predictable results: in this case financial success. The success strategies for managing money and building wealth are called Money Strategies. By learning to use money strategies as a part of your day-to-day life, financial frustration and failure will become a thing of the past.

- Givens, Charles J.
The healthy man does not torture others - generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers.

- Carl Jung
A perfectly healthy sentence, it is true, is extremely rare. For the most part we miss the hue and fragrance of the thought; as if we could be satisfied with the dews of the morning or evening without their colors, or the heavens without their azure.

- Henry David Thoreau
My best advice to anyone who wants to raise a happy, mentally healthy child is: Keep him or her as far away from a church as you can.

- Frank Zappa
I'd heard it all the time,'Live in the moment.'But if I did that, I'd weigh more than a dump truck. Losing weight wasn't about the moment at all; it was about having faith in the future. It was about knowing there would be another meal in a few hours.

- Stephanie Klein
He whom the Gods love dies young, while he is in health, has his senses and his judgments sound.

- Plautus, Titus Maccius
Man needs difficulties; they are necessary for health.

- Jung, Carl
Age does not depend upon years, but upon temperament and health. Some men are born old, and some never grow up.

- Edwards, Tryon
It's not the work which kills people, it's the worry. It's not the revolution that destroys machinery it's the friction.

- Beecher, Henry Ward
LIFE, n. A spiritual pickle preserving the body from decay. We live in daily apprehension of its loss; yet when lost it is not missed. The question, "Is life worth living?" has been much discussed; particularly by those who think it is not, many of whom have written at great length in support of their view and by careful observance of the laws of health enjoyed for long terms of years the honors of successful controversy. "Life's not worth living, and that's the truth," Carelessly caroled the golden youth. In manhood still he maintained that view And held it more strongly the older he grew. When kicked by a jackass at eighty-three, "Go fetch me a surgeon at once!" cried he. Han Soper

- Ambrose Bierce
Between richer and poorer classes in a free country a mutually respecting antagonism is much healthier than pity on the one hand and dependence on the other, as is, perhaps, the next best thing to fraternal feeling.

- Cooley, Charles Horton
Be not slow to visit the sick.

- Ecclesiastes
Music when healthy, is the teacher of perfect order, and when depraved, the teacher of perfect disorder.

- Ruskin, John
A healthy mind in a healthy body.

- Juvenal
I object to being told that I am saving daylight when my reason tells me that I am doing nothing of the kind... At the back of the Daylight Saving scheme, I detect the bony, blue-fingered hand of Puritanism, eager to push people into bed earlier, and get them up earlier, to make them healthy, wealthy, and wise in spite of themselves.

- Robertson Davies
True friendship is like sound health, the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.

- C. C. Colton
As the blessings of health and fortune have a beginning, so they must also find an end. Everything rises but to fall, and increases but to decay.

- Sallust
Of all the self-fulfilling prophecies in our culture, the assumption that aging means decline and poor health is probably the deadliest.

- Marilyn Ferguson

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