Excellence quotes
Whoever I am, or whatever I am doing, some kind of excellence is within my reach.

- Gardner, John W.
The love of fame is almost another name for the love of excellence; or it is the ambition to attain the highest excellence, sanctioned by the highest authority, that of time.

- Hazlitt, William
He is the half part of a blessed man, Left to be finished by such as she; And she a fair divided excellence, Whose fulness of perfection lies in him.

- William Shakespeare
People who produce good results feel good about themselves.

- Blanchard, Ken
You always have to give 100 percent, because if you don't, someone, someplace, will give 100 percent and will beat you when you meet.

- Macauley, Ed
Excellence in any department can be attained only by the labor of a lifetime; it is not to be purchased at a lesser price.

- Johnson, Samuel
There is no excellence without labor, in the furnace, God may try you, thus to bring thee forth more bright.

The principle is competing against yourself. It's about self improvement, about being better than you were the day before.

- Young, Steve
A racehorse that consistently runs just a second faster than another horse is worth millions of dollars more. Be willing to give that extra effort that separates the winner from the one in second place.

- Brown Jr., H. Jackson
Poetry is an art, the easiest to dabble in, but the hardest to reach true excellence.

- Stedman, Captain J. G.
Let each day be your masterpiece.

There is no real excellence in all this world which can be separated from right living.

- Jordan, David Starr
Let America first praise mediocrity even, in her children, before she praises... the best excellence in the children of any other land.

- Melville, Herman
The tourist who moves about to see and hear and open himself to all the influences of the places which condense centuries of human greatness is only a man in search of excellence.

- Lerner, Max
Great men are little men expanded; great lives are ordinary lives intensified.

- Peterson, Wilferd A.
The uncommon man is merely the common man thinking and dreaming of success in larger terms and in more fruitful areas.

- Powers, Melvin
Human excellence means nothing unless it works with the consent of God.

- Euripides
It has always been my belief that a man should do his best, regardless of how much he receives for his services, or the number of people he may be serving or the class of people served.

- Hill, Napoleon
You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only ones who do what you do.

- Garcia, Jerry
The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.

- Robinson, Eddie

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