Churches quotes
The more I know about business, the more IĈm convinced that it is conducted in homes and churches far more than in office buildings.

- Laura Moncur
GARGOYLE, n. A rain-spout projecting from the eaves of mediaeval buildings, commonly fashioned into a grotesque caricature of some personal enemy of the architect or owner of the building. This was especially the case in churches and ecclesiastical structures generally, in which the gargoyles presented a perfect rogues'gallery of local heretics and controversialists. Sometimes when a new dean and chapter were installed the old gargoyles were removed and others substituted having a closer relation to the private animosities of the new incumbents.

- Ambrose Bierce
The root of almost every schism and heresy from which the Christian Church has suffered, has been because of the effort of men to earn, rather than receive their salvation; and the reason preaching is so commonly ineffective is, that it often calls on people to work for God rather than letting God work through them.

- Ruskin, John
We praise Him, we bless Him, we adore Him, we glorify Him, and we wonder who is that baritone across the aisle and that pretty woman on our right who smells of apple blossoms. Our bowels stir and our cod itches and we amend our prayers for the spiritual life with the hope that it will not be too spiritual.

- Cheever, John
The greatest hindrances to the evangelization of the world are those within the church.

- Mott, John R.
The Church is not a gallery for the exhibition of eminent Christians, but a school for the education of imperfect ones.

- Beecher, Henry Ward
Watch against any fallacies in your ideas which may arise, not from disingenuousness, but from allowing yourself in moments of feeling to think vaguely, and not to attach precise meaning to your words. Without any cold caution of expression, it is a duty we owe to God's truth, and to our own happiness and the happiness of those around us, to think and speak as correctly as we can. Almost all heresy, schism, and misunderstandings, between either churches or individuals who ought to be one, have arisen from this fault of an involved and vague style of thought.

- MS. 1842.
Sign in lot: Church parking only. We will not forgive those who trespass against us.

I believe with all my heart that the Church of Jesus Christ should be a Church of blurred edges.

- Carey, George
What is wrong with priests and popes is that instead of being apostles and saints, they are nothing but empirics who say I know instead of I am learning, and pray for credulity and inertia as wise men pray for skepticism and activity.

- Shaw, George Bernard
Institutions -- government, churches, industries, and the like -- have properly no other function than to contribute to human freedom; and in so far as they fail, on the whole, to perform this function, they are wrong and need reconstruction.

- Cooley, Charles Horton
Many are called but few are chosen. There are sayings of Christ which suggest that the Church he came to establish will always be a minority affair.

- Norman, Edward
Where God builds a church the devil builds a chapel.

- Luther, Martin
I don't go to church. Kneeling bags my nylons.

- Wilder, Billy
The old cathedrals are good, but the great blue dome that hangs over everything is better.

- Carlyle, Thomas
Mass ought to be in Latin, unless you could do it in Greek or Chinese. In fact, any abracadabra that no bloody member of the public or half-educated ape of a clargimint could think he understood.

- Pound, Ezra
The North American system only wants to consider the positive aspects of reality. Men and women are subjected from childhood to an inexorable process of adaptation; certain principles, contained in brief formulas are endlessly repeated by the Press, the radio, the churches, and the schools, and by those kindly, sinister beings, the North American mothers and wives. A person imprisoned by these schemes is like a plant in a flowerpot too small for it: he cannot grow or mature.

- Paz, Octavio
The itch of disputing is the scab of the churches.

- Wotton, Sir Henry
The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion.

- Wesley, John
Here, the churches seemed to shrink away into eroding corners. They seem to have ceased to be essential parts of American life. They no longer give life. It is the huge buildings of commerce and trade which now align the people to attention. These in their massive manner of steel and stone say, Come unto me all ye who labor, and we will give you work.

- O'Casey, Sean

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