Animals quotes
Be a good animal, true to your animal instincts.

- Lawrence, D. H.
The more we learn of the true nature of non-human animals, especially those with complex brains and corresponding complex social behavior, the more ethical concerns are raised regarding their use in the service of man -- whether this be in entertainment, as "pets," for food, in research laboratories, or any of the other uses to which we subject them.

- Jane Goodall
Only the most acute and active animals are capable of boredom. -- A theme for a great poet would be God's boredom on the seventh day of creation.

- Nietzsche, Friedrich
An eagle does not catch flies.

- Proverb
The capacity of human beings to bore one another seems to be vastly greater than that of any other animals.

- H. L. Mencken
Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.

- Plato
Man is head, chest and stomach. Each of these animals operates, more often than not, individually. I eat, I feel, I even, although rarely, think. This jungle crawls and teems, is hungry, roars, gets angry, devours itself, and its cacophonic concert does not even stop when you are asleep.

- Daumal, Rene
We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words.

- Anna Sewell
Mankind's true moral test, its fundamental test (which lies deeply buried from view), consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect mankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.

- Kundera, Milan
At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; separated from law and justice he is the worst.

- Aristotle
Poor little Foal of an oppressed race! I love the languid patience of thy face.

- Coleridge, Samuel Taylor
Mankind differs from the animals only by a little and most people throw that away.

- Confucius
I fear animals regard man as a creature of their own kind which has in a highly dangerous fashion lost its healthy animal reason -- as the mad animal, as the laughing animal, as the weeping animal, as the unhappy animal.

- Nietzsche, Friedrich
From the oyster to the eagle, from the swine to the tiger, all animals are to be found in men and each of them exists in some man, sometimes several at the time. Animals are nothing but the portrayal of our virtues and vices made manifest to our eyes, the visible reflections of our souls. God displays them to us to give us food for thought.

- Hugo, Victor
A fence should be horse high, hog tight and bull strong.

If it wasn't for dogs, some people would never go for a walk.

Man perfected by society is the best of all animals; he is the most terrible of all when he lives without law, and without justice.

- Aristotle
Man is not like other animals in the ways that are really significant: Animals have instincts, we have taxes.

- Erving Goffman
HIBERNATE, v.i. To pass the winter season in domestic seclusion. There have been many singular popular notions about the hibernation of various animals. Many believe that the bear hibernates during the whole winter and subsists by mechanically sucking its paws. It is admitted that it comes out of its retirement in the spring so lean that it had to try twice before it can cast a shadow. Three or four centuries ago, in England, no fact was better attested than that swallows passed the winter months in the mud at the bottom of their brooks, clinging together in globular masses. They have apparently been compelled to give up the custom and account of the foulness of the brooks. Sotus Ecobius discovered in Central Asia a whole nation of people who hibernate. By some investigators, the fasting of Lent is supposed to have been originally a modified form of hibernation, to which the Church gave a religious significance; but this view was strenuously opposed by that eminent authority, Bishop Kip, who did not wish any honors denied to the memory of the Founder of his family.

- Ambrose Bierce
Though our conduct seems so very different from that of the higher animals, the primary instincts are much alike in them and in us.

- Einstein, Albert

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