Advice quotes
We ask advice but we mean approbation.

- Colton, Charles Caleb
I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career.

- Steinem, Gloria
Your friends praise your abilities to the skies, submit to you in argument, and seem to have the greatest deference for you; but, though they may ask it, you never find them following your advice upon their own affairs; nor allowing you to manage your own, without thinking that you should follow theirs. Thus, in fact, they all think themselves wiser than you, whatever they may say.

- Melbourne, Lord
Advice is very easy to give, and even easier not to follow, so I don't fool with it.

- Randy Pausch
Advice, like medicine, should be given in small does; that a little is good doesn't mean more will be better.

- The Country Parson
These words dropped into my childish mind as if you should accidentally drop a ring into a deep well. I did not think of them much at the time, but there came a day in my life when the ring was fished up out of the well, good as new.

- Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Old people love to give good advice to console themselves for no longer being able to set a bad example.

- La Rochefoucauld, Francois De
The rich are always advising the poor, but the poor seldom return the compliment.

- Helps, Sir Arthur
Counsel woven into the fabric of real life is wisdom.

- Benjamin, Walter
Number one: Don't frisk me. Don't hurt me physically. Don't get anywhere near my neck. And don't call me Regis. [Advice to his guests]

- Letterman, David
Men give away nothing so liberally as their advice.

- La Rochefoucauld, Francois De
My best advice to anyone who wants to raise a happy, mentally healthy child is: Keep him or her as far away from a church as you can.

- Frank Zappa
Those who try to give us advice on matters of human rights do nothing but provoke an ironic smile among us. We will not permit anyone to interfere in our affairs.

- Konstantin Chernenko
Never advise anyone to go to war or to get married. Write down the advice of him who loves you, though you like it not at present. He that has no children brings them up well.

- Proverb, Spanish
Growing up female in America. What a liability! You grew up with your ears full of cosmetic ads, love songs, advice columns, whoreoscopes, Hollywood gossip, and moral dilemmas on the level of TV soap operas. What litanies the advertisers of the good life chanted at you! What curious catechisms!

- Jong, Erica
Men give advice; God gives guidance.

- Ravenhill, Leonard
Advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise.

- J. R. R. Tolkien
A good manager is a man who isn't worried about his own career but rather the careers of those who work for him. My advice: Don't worry about yourself. Take care of those who work for you and you'll float to greatness on their achievements.

- Burns, H.S.M.
My advice is to look out for engineers. They begin with sewing machines and end up with nuclear bombs.

- Pagnol, Marcel
The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right.

- Hannah Whitall Smith

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