Advertising quotes
The novice in advertising frequently gives the public credit, for too much intelligence.

I LIKE ads. It's not that we don't like ads, we just don't like ads when they are out of place.

- Bill Barnes
I do not read advertisements. I would spend all of my time wanting things.

- Archibishop of Canterbury
The vice-president of an advertising agency is a bit of executive fungus that forms on a desk that has been exposed to conference.

- Fred Allen
In order to sell a product or a service, a company must establish a relationship with the consumer. It must build trust and rapport. It must understand the customer's needs, and it must provide a product that delivers the promised benefits.

- Levinson, Jay
In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope.

- Revson, Charles
Society drives people crazy with lust and calls it advertising.

- Lahr, John
We live in a world ruled by fictions of every kind -- mass merchandising, advertising, politics conducted as a branch of advertising, the instant translation of science and technology into popular imagery, the increasing blurring and intermingling of identities within the realm of consumer goods, the preempting of any free or original imaginative response to experience by the television screen. We live inside an enormous novel. For the writer in particular it is less and less necessary for him to invent the fictional content of his novel. The fiction is already there. The writer's task is to invent the reality.

- Ballard, J. G.
I've learned any fool can write a bad ad, but it takes a real genius to keep his hands off a good one.

- Burnett, Leo
All official institutions of language are repeating machines: school, sports, advertising, popular songs, news, all continually repeat the same structure, the same meaning, often the same words: the stereotype is a political fact, the major figure of ideology.

- Barthes, Roland
Advertising may be described as the science of arresting human intelligence long enough to get money from it.

- Stephen Leacock
Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless.

- Sinclair Lewis
However far your travels take you, you will never find the girl who smiles out at you from the travel brochure.

'Be comfortable with who you are', reads the headline on the Hush Puppies poster.Are they mad?If people were comfortable with who they were, they'd never buy any products except the ones they needed, and then where would the advertising industry be?

- Edwards, Mark
An advertising agency is 85 percent confusion and 15 percent commission.

- Allen, Fred A.
Sanely applied advertising could remake the world.

- Chase, Stuart
Watteau is no less an artist for having painted a fascia board while Sainsbury's is no less effective a business for producing advertisements which entertain and educate instead of condescending and exploiting.

- Bayley, Stephen
Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make the worse appear the better.

- George Santayana
As a profession advertising is young; as a force it is as old as the world. The first four words ever uttered, Let there be light, constitute its charter. All nature is vibrant with its impulse.

- Barton, Bruce
We read advertisements to discover and enlarge our desires. We are always ready -- even eager -- to discover, from the announcement of a new product, what we have all along wanted without really knowing it.

- Boorstin, Daniel J.

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