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Downfall and Arrests

Indira Gandhi

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Downfall and Arrests

In a key miscalculation, Indira Gandhi called new elections in March, 1977. She may have begun to believe her own propaganda, convincing herself that the people of India loved her and approved of her actions during the years long state of emergency. Her party was trounced at the polls by the Janata Party, which cast the election as a choice between democracy or dictatorship, and Indira left office.In October of 1977, Indira Gandhi was jailed briefly for official corruption. She would be arrested again in December of 1978 on the same charges. However, the Janata Party was struggling. A cobbled together coalition of four previous opposition parties, it could not agree on a course for the country, and accomplished very little.

Prime Minister Gandhi
Early Political Career
Operation Bluestar at the Golden Temple
A government divided
End of her career
Family and personal life
Authoritarian Leanings and Imprisonment
Autocratic Leadership
Sojourn in Europe
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