importants dates of indian history

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Importants Dates Of Indian History

All facts of Indian History which included ancient india,medieval india and modern India.
21. First Nuclear Test 1974
Indias first nuclear explosion Pokhran 1 was launched. It paved way to Pokhran in 1998.
22. 01 06 1991
This year is marked by Indias Economic Liberalization. Owing to Rajiv Gandhis efforts, the License Raj ended in India accompanied by lowering of Central taxes.
23. Telecom revolution 1995
This is the year when owning a personal phone became possible for the aam admi. The privatization of the telecom sector took place in the November 1994 and the act of revenue sharing between the government and the telecom operators was passed in 1999.
24. 1998 Formation of the Task Force
This was the first step in Indias IT revolution. The Government of India formed the National IT Task Force in 1998.
25. US signs nuclear deal with India
After the administration of United States of America determined that India is a responsible nuclear weapons power, it signed a nuclear deal in July to indicate that the earlier bans no longer withstood.
26. 26th November 2008
This day saw possibly the worst terrorist attack ever on Indian soil. Mumbai hotels were under siege for three days by terrorists from Pakistan who killed hundreds of people. The India Pakistan ties severed badly after this event.Indias rich history comprises of some breathtaking chapters. With the recent turn of events, it can be said that youth is also trying to connect with the country.

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