ideas to increase website traffic

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Ideas to increase Website Traffic

101 ways which help you to get more traffic website using social media .
71. Social Media Sites
Have you registered your name in social media sites. There is a site called Namechk that allows you check the desire username is available.
72. Build Credibility
Building credibility in the beginning can be very hard. To build credibility you must know what your talking about. Be confident and offer your services to everyone. Make sure you sell your services and send them to your website.
73. Stand Out
Stand out from your competition are ways to keep and gain new visitors and build brand awareness.
Get personal with each customer and always reply back to your audience.
Be original from your competition.
Be consistent with your site and keep your word. If you tell your audience you will post every wednesday make sure to follow through.
Solved problems for customer they will love you for it.
Listen to customers needs and wants.
74. Bumper Sticker
You can create bumper sticker to promote your website.
75. Amazon Pay Per Click
Using pay per click is one of the best methods of increasing your site traffic. Amazon offers PPC advertising to drive targeted traffic to your site.
76. Hire Internet Marketing Firm
Hiring an expert at times is the easiest ways to drive traffic to a site if you have the funds. I have enlisted the top Internet Marketing Firms.
First page
Sometimes investing in a product might be cheaper than hiring an SEO expert. Traffic generator is a great tool to drive massive traffic to your website.
77. Social Media Buttons
Using social media buttons to share your site is a great way to drive more traffic.
78. Site Description
Write unique effective meta description. The better the description the higher conversion rate.
79. Optimize Images
Optimize the images on your site.
80. Podcast
Building traffic with Podcast is one of the hottest crazes over the Internet.

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