ideas to improve student motivation

Plan Dream Field Trips

Ideas To Improve Student Motivation

Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation. by TeachThought Staff.
Plan Dream Field Trips

With your students, brainstorm potential field trips tiered by budget. Cash incentive money can then be earned toward the field trips for good behavior, performance, etc. The can see their success in the classroom as they move up from the decent zoo field trip to the good state capitol day trip to the unbelievable week long trip to New York City. Even though the reward is delayed, tracking progress will give students that immediate reward.

Give feedback and offer chances to improve
Encourage self reflection
Be excited
Help students find intrinsic motivation
Meet your students
Reward Positive Behavior Outside the Classroom
Relating Lessons to Students Lives
Track progress
Know your students
Define the objectives
Give praise when earned
Harness student interests
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