ideas to improve student motivation

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Give students a sense of control

Ideas To Improve Student Motivation

Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation. by TeachThought Staff.
Give students a sense of control

While guidance from a teacher is important to keeping kids on task and motivated, allowing students to have some choice and control over what happens in the classroom is actually one of the best ways to keep them engaged. For example, allowing students to choose the type of assignment they do or which problems to work on can give them a sense of control that may just motivate them to do more.

Hand Over Some Control
Give praise when earned
Harness student interests
Know your students
Open format Fridays
Help students find intrinsic motivation
Allow students to work together
How to Motivate Students Mix It Up
Spread Excitement Like a Virus
Track progress
Praise Students in Ways Big and Small
Assign Classroom Jobs
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