ideas to improve student motivation

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Change your scenery

Ideas To Improve Student Motivation

Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation. by TeachThought Staff.
Change your scenery

A classroom is a great place for learning, but sitting at a desk day in and day out can make school start to seem a bit dull for some students. To renew interest in the subject matter or just in learning in general, give your students a chance to get out of the classroom. Take field trips, bring in speakers, or even just head to the library for some research. The brain loves novelty and a new setting can be just what some students need to stay motivated to learn.

Track progress
Open format Fridays
Give feedback and offer chances to improve
Know your students
Hand Over Some Control
Harness student interests
Be excited
Create a threat free environment
Give praise when earned
Harness their interests
Help students find intrinsic motivation
Add new spice to class
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