ideas to improve student motivation

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Allow students to work together

Ideas To Improve Student Motivation

Simple Ideas To Improve Student Motivation. by TeachThought Staff.
Allow students to work together

While not all students will jump at the chance to work in groups, many will find it fun to try to solve problems, do experiments, and work on projects with other students. The social interaction can get them excited about things in the classroom and students can motivate one another to reach a goal. Teachers need to ensure that groups are balanced and fair, however, so that some students aren t doing more work than others.

Know your students
Track Improvement
Relating Lessons to Students Lives
Manage student anxiety
Assign Classroom Jobs
Open format Fridays
Meet your students
Reward Positive Behavior Outside the Classroom
Praise Students in Ways Big and Small
Offer rewards
Harness their interests
Offer varied experiences
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