how to use social networking sites for beginners

Organize your Facebook Friends

How to Use Social Networking Sites for Beginners

Organize your Facebook Friends

Once you have a lot of friend connections, its a good idea to organize your Facebook friends into lists, so you can send different types of messages to different groups. TheFacebook friends listfeature is a great way to manage your friends to accomplish that.You can also choose tohide Facebook friendswhose messages you dont really want to see; the hide feature allows you to maintain yourFacebook friendshipwith someone while keeping their messages from cluttering up your daily stream of Facebook updates.Its really useful for dealing with friends who publish minutia of their lives.

This will be where you add a photo to your profile
Open up your browser and type full url
News Feed Appears on your Home Page
Live Chat
Facebook Overview
The Like Button
First of all you need to be in your home page
Facebook Communication System Status Updates
The second way to locate and keep track of your applications is this easy step
How to Use fb
Facebook Apps
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