how to use social networking sites for beginners


How to Use Social Networking Sites for Beginners

Although a major part of Facebook, friends are not the only entities with whom you can interact. Mostmajor brandsand a growing number ofsmall businessesuse Facebook to engage with, share deals and seek feedback from consumers and fans. Companies like Coca Cola and Disney have tens of millions of fans interested in the latest company news and culture.Take stock of the brands you d like to follow, search for their timelines and like them on Facebook. You ll start seeing their updates appear in the News Feed right alongside those of your friends. Feel free to interact with brand updates.For more on how brands use Facebook, see these resources:

How to Use fb
Timeline and Profile All about You
The Like Button
A security check will load
Control Who Sees What
First of all you need to be in your home page
Did you ever want to track what your Facebook apps are doing
Organize your Facebook Friends
How are people using Facebook
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