How to Use Social Networking Sites for Beginners
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When enabled, Facebook Subscribe reveals certain features and updates on your Timeline to the public. (Don t worry, you can control what information people see.)

The feature is especially useful for celebrities and journalists and other public figures who wish to interact with fans or followers without granting them access to their private profiles. Its similar to Twitter s very public and transparent nature. If a person has enabled Subscribe, youll see the button on the top right of his or her Timeline.

Many users opt out of Subscribe, choosing simply to interact with approved friends. But keep in mind that the tool may be useful for specific cases, such as making yourself a little more transparent when applying for a job (assuming everything is appropriate). You re automatically subscribed to all your friends, but try searching for celebs or personalities who have enabled the feature more are participating every day.

For more tips of getting the most out of Subscribe, check out these resources:

Open up your browser and type full url
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This will be where you add a photo to your profile
This video basically explains the basic layouts for Facebook
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