how to play soccer for beginners

Learn how to dribble

How to Play Soccer For Beginners

Learn how to dribble

Dribbling is controlling the ball while running. If you want to keep the ball in your team s possession, you re going to need to dribble well. Dribbling is all about touching the ball strong enough to carry it forward, but light enough so that it stays by your side ? and away from opponents.

  • Learn to dribble at different speeds. When you re running down the sideline and you ve beaten your man, your dribbling will look a lot different from when you re taking on a defender head on.

  • When you re dribbling slower, you usually keep the ball close to your side at all times. This way a defender has to make a move to take the ball away.

  • When you re dribbling faster, you can sometimes kick the ball further away and run to the ball. This is usually if you ve already beaten your enemy. You do this because most players can run quicker off the ball than they can dribbling it.

  • Think about moving off the ball
    Understand offside
    Know the grounds for a red card
    Get comfortable heading the ball
    How to Beat a Defender Using Skills and Fakes
    Know how to shoot
    Learn how to pass
    Know the positions of soccer
    How to Dribble a Soccer Ball
    Be original and spontaneous with your playing style
    How to Juggle a Soccer Ball
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