how to improve english

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Figure out how YOU learn

How to Improve English

How to Improve English
Figure out how YOU learn

Everyone has their own learning style. Some people learn with their hands, some with their eyes, some with their ears, and some are a combination of the three. Your best friend may be able to recite English poetry after hearing it once when you need to see it to understand. Once you figure out how you learn, you can cater your studying habits to your abilities. And what s more, you can stop wasting time on methods that don t work for you. If your teacher talks and talks and you remember nothing, you can start taking notes. If you re reading a book and can t remember a thing, you can start reading it aloud to yourself. There s ways around everything.

Label things in your house
Observe the mouth movements of those who speak English well and try to imitate them
Have a debate
Read aloud in English for 15 20 minutes every day
Forget the fear
Use the media
Learn root words prefixes and suffixes
Listen to More English
Do interesting activities in English
Maintaining a diary
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