how to be chill

How to Be Chill

A chill person doesnt feel the need to follow all the trends, they just do what they want and what m
1. How to Be Chill
Do you want to be that chill person in your friend group that never sweats the small stuff and just enjoys his or her life? It can seem hard but its really not Read the directions below to get some great ideas for chilling out and making the most out of your life.
2. Dont bring the drama
People dont want drama in their friend group, so dont start drama. Dont gossip or tread on other peoples territory. Be happy with what youve got and the way things are.
3. Always be nice
Be nice to other people. Be polite, considerate, and respectful. Chill people dont cause drama or stir up a bunch of negative emotions by being jerks; chill people are nice and get along well with others.
4. Dont sweat the small stuff
Take your life in stride. Roll with the punches and be accepting of whatever life throws your way. This is pretty much the defining feature of a chill guy.
5. Be fun to hang out with
Dont be someone who is really boring and always doing the same stuff. Go out and do fun things and be someone that other people want to spend time with. Talk with people, go see movies, play games, go on hikes or go camping: its all good
6. Dont follow the trends
Be unique. A chill person doesnt feel the need to follow all the trends, they just do what they want and what makes them happy. This laid back attitude inspires others to be more laid back and people will want to be around you more often.
7. Dont react
Stop. Dont start yelling or cry or have any big reaction. Once you start, it can often snowball into a much bigger reaction. Catch yourself before you start a huge argument or a big scene. From here, you can redirect the situation to be in your favor.
8. Redirect your thoughts
Distract yourself from your immediate feelings by redirecting your thoughts. There are lots of ways you can do this. You can count your breaths. You can even sing a song (inside your head is probably better than out loud).
9. Chew some gum
Studies have show that we can reduce a significant amount of stress by chewing gum. Pop a stick of that winter fresh if youre just not feeling calm in the moment.
10. Evaluate how much this matters
Think about how much your problem matters in the grand scheme of things. Are you going to die? Is someone else going to die? As long as youre going to live, youll find a way to live through it and move on to more happiness and hardships.

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