how to build or rebuild trust

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Dont Allow Issues To Go Unresolved

How To Build or Rebuild Trust

Trust can take a lifetime to build and only a second to lose.
Dont Allow Issues To Go Unresolved

Allowing any issue, no matter how small, to go unaddressed manifests into larger issues. Putting a problem off for later discussion or dismissing it with hopes of it being forgotten is the worst conflict resolution strategy. If you have an issue, address it, even if only to acknowledge it. When you start talking about a problem, you re half way to resolving the problem.

Fight Fair
Stay patient
Volunteer Information
Come clean
Be Positive
Embrace Shared Rather Than Personal Goals
Keep your word going forward
Dont Allow Issues To Go Unresolved
Expect an emotional reaction from the other person
Try to let go of your anger
Consider the persons reaction to the situation
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