host a party

Divide Labor

Host a party

Hosting a party can be a stressful undertaking. Will people come? Will they have fun?.
Divide Labor
You may be very good party planner, but its still not advisable to keep all the work for yourself. You can get tired and be zapped of all the energy by the time your guests come. So, either hire outside help or engage your family members. Divide the labor, but keep on inspecting the work. Be gracious if any problem occurs. A party is meant for having fun, so do not let anything ruin that for you.

Give yourself plenty of time
Divide Labor
Do Your Homework
Always remember to add non alcoholic drinks to your menu
To encourage mingling
Set the mood
Choose a theme
Spread the word
Enlist help
Play background music to liven up the atmosphere
Plan more games and activities than you anticipate playing
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