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Help Save the Environment

Switch off anything that uses electricity when not in use
Unplug devices when possible
Trade in your dryer for a good old fashioned clothesline
Run your air conditioner sparingly or not at all
Close the heating and air conditioning vents in your home
Dont use electronic exercise machines
Use a warm blanket or sweater in winter
Conserve water
Recycle all you can
Avoid using disposable items
Use only as much toilet paper as you need
Consider using cloth diapers
Stop your junk mail from coming
Be a mindful consumer
Contact your government officials
Participate in rallies
Join an environmental organization
Write a letter to the editor
Donate to an environmental cause
Volunteer your time
Walk or bike for local trips
Organize a carpool for work or school
Take mass transit
Plan out your errands and combine trips
Telecommute or work from home
Drive a hybrid car
Maintain your car
Take fewer airplane flights
Live near work school and other frequent destinations if possible
Plant a garden
Make your yard friendly to wildlife
Reduce the area of lawn
Avoid pesticides herbicides and man made chemical fertilizers
Plant a tree
Make a compost area
Use a rake instead of a leaf blower
Buy secondhand clothes and other items
Donate or share usable household items
Buy or make a few reusable fabric bags
Eat less meat and dairy
Dont drink coffee from K cups
Buy local food
Avoid excess packaging
Dont waste food
Use reusable bottles for water
Switch to compact fluorescent or LED light bulbs
Install insulation in your attic and exterior walls
Check for leaks
Install window treatments that maximize energy conservation
Plant barrier trees to protect your house from wind and sun
Install low flow toilets
Install solar panels on your roof
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