heena mehandi designs

Heena Mehandi Designs

Mehndi designs or Henna is a very famous art among women in Asian countries of India.
1. Heena Design 1
The first mehendi design is apt for Eid and similar occasions where women love applying henna on their hands.Eid brings happiness to all Muslim homes across the globe it not only calls for a gala feast, the ladies of the house organize mehendi sessions.Each one applies mehendi on other person hand and makes the whole festival so colourful.Some even call professionals to create those intricate mehendi designs.Pakistani mehendi designs and Arabic designs are best for Eid.The above design looks pretty on hands and is not too messy or intricate.It can easily pass off at work without any problem.Use Black Mehendi for the best effect.
2. Heena Design 2
How about some unique designs to relieve you from those boring traditional mehendi patterns. Here one we love and though it has traditional motifs, the whole design looks very modern.
3. Heena Design 3
Here another mehendi design for those who want a more filled up look on the hands.The hands are filled with intricate designs and patterns.The flowers and butterfly patterns also make this a great choice for bridal mehendi.Did you know that unless your would be mother in law did not apply the mehendi on your hands the mehendi ceremony will not start. Yes this is prevalent custom in some cultures and adds more fun to the whole occasion.Some even tease the bride saying if the mehendi colour becomes really dark then you will have a doting husband, girls really love hearing this over and over again.We do not know whether these beliefs are based on truth or is just said for fun, but surely no one will ask you to run errands for at least some hours, you can relax for a while.
4. Heena Design 4
Here how you can be traditional and modern at the same time.This design shows how beautiful patterns can be included on the back of your hands too.The weave patterns and floral patterns make this style traditional yet modern and very apt for weddings.
5. Heena Design 5
Weddings are incomplete without beautiful mehendi clad hands of the bride.If you love traditional motifs and patterns on the hands, then try this style.Red mehendi makes the design look really beautiful and the red colour makes the mehendi even more prominent.The fingers and palms are filled with designs but they do not look messy at all.
6. Heena Design 6
Love mehendi designs for hands but do not want your hands to be filled completely with the design.Do not worry this style is just for you.You can get it creating a small design that uses very little of the mehendi, keep the hand really simple by focusing on just one motif.This is very apt for those who have too many obligations at work to wear heavy mehendi.
7. Heena Design 7
This one is for those who want a simple yet traditional mehendi designs for hands!This mehendi design for hands is very easy to do and one can do it themselves.This is great for any occasion and age.The use of very less mehendi makes it very apt for those who desire minimum patterns and motifs on their hands.
8. Heena Design 8
How about getting mehendi done on Karva Chauth.If you are not aware of Karva Chauth, it is a one day festival celebrated by married woman of North India and Gujarat.After a whole day of fasting, the women look at the Moonthrough the sieve and then look at their husbands.They pray for the long life for their husband and also ask for divine blessings for their wellbeing.This festival is popularized by films and is given a romantic connotation.Mehendi is done a day before Karva Chauth.Women literally compete with each other and flaunt their designs, it is a great way to bond with friends and family. Here one design we loved, it has beautiful and intricate d motifs all over the hand.The gaps in between the designs add to its beauty.These full hand designs will also suite brides and occasions of weddings.
9. Heena Design 9
A simple yet beautiful design for those who want the mehendi to be minimal yet beautiful.The design is perfect for Eid and small functions.
10. Heena Design 10
This is a very simple yet feminine design which will look great on any occasion as well as on the hands of the bride.The use of Black mehandi design for hands here makes the design more prominent and beautiful.It makes it bold and is generally used in creating simple Arabic Mehendi designs.

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