healthy and delicious summer snacks

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Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Healthy and Delicious Summer Snacks

Summertime is here so it's time to think about healthy and delicious snacks for summer.
Chocolate Pretzel Bites

I tend to steer clear of food that requires a lot of assembly or repetition. Also Im not a big pretzel fan. But when you combine salty little pretzels with my two alltime favorite foods chocolate and peanut butter Im pretty much helpless. And these turned out to be very quick and easy to assemble (and even quicker and easier to eat).

Frozen Cherries
Juice Cubes
Fruit Kebabs
Frozen Grapes
Watermelon Pop Stars
Homemade Sorbet
Yogurt with berries
Slice Of Watermelon
Green Monster Smoothie
Homemade Ranch Dip
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