healthy and delicious summer snacks

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Healthy and Delicious Summer Snacks

Summertime is here so it's time to think about healthy and delicious snacks for summer.
11. Fruit Kebabs
Throw chunks of your favorite melon or pineapple all the best berries and any bitesize summer fruit that tickles your fancy onto a barbecue skewer for an easy and colorful fruit kebab suggests Angela GinnMeadow RDN. At 39 calories per skewer this recipe leaves room for two!
12. Juice Cubes
Freeze your favorite 100percent fruit juice (or your own homemade fruit puree) in an ice cube tray then pop a cube or two into a glass of plain seltzer for a more naturallyflavored refreshing spritzer. Since an ice cube is about an ounce you can add three cubes of pomegranate juice for just 45 calories.
13. Frozen Grapes
Toss a few handfuls of grapes in the freezer for an extrarefreshing summer treat. An entire cup contains only 62 calories.
14. Homemade Ice Pops
When temps rise we all crave a tempting icy treat but if youre not careful ice cream and pops can cost you. Instead try a homemade ice pop loaded with fresh fruit like this recipe for StrawberryMango Ice Pops each with only 52 calories.
15. Grilled Peaches
For a decadent dessert GinnMeadow suggests grilling halved peaches then topping with a little vanilla ice cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. With half a large peach coming in at 34 calories you can add 1/4 cup of Edys Vanilla to round out at just about 100.
16. Caprese Skewers
Tomatoes are one of the seasons star superfoods thanks to a load of vitamins and antioxidants. Enjoying them with a little fat like that in mozzarella cheese! helps your body absorb those necessary nutrients even better. You dont have to be a master in the kitchen to assemble this fun take on a traditional caprese salad and each skewer will set you back only 58 calories.
17. Pickle
Craving a salty bite? A crisp dill pickle only contains 16 calories. The sodium count in pickles is high however (so high that some athletes use pickle juice to refuel on hot days) so stick to just one.
18. Chilled Cucumber Soup
This summery bowl packs lots of flavor for just 57 calories per serving. Cucumbers provide a good dose of fiber plus vitamins C and K.
19. Shrimp Cocktail
It sounds decadent but eight large shrimp (a lean source of protein!) and two tablespoons of cocktail sauce clock in at just around 100 calories.
20. Bell Pepper With Hummus
A cup of red pepper slices contains only 29 calories plus 117.5 milligrams of vitamin C (more than an orange!). Enjoy those slices with two tablespoons of hummus for an additional 50 calories.

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