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Can I have dairy and still lose my belly

Healthy Stomach

Can I have dairy and still lose my belly
Absolutely. In fact, cutting back on the amount of dairy you eat can signal your body to make more fat cells, according to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. When you dont have enough calcium in your body, it tries to hold on to whats there. This triggers the release of a compound called calcitriol, which increases the production of fat cells. If you want fewer fat cells, eating extra calcium suppresses calcitriol, which breaks down fat and makes your fat cells leaner and your tummy flatter. So enjoy the moo juice, yogurt, or a little cheese. Because dairy does tend to be high in calories, keep your portions small or stick to low-fat varieties. (The USDA recommends that women get three cups of low-fat dairy a day.)

How do I know which fats are OK to eat
Exercise regularly
Nurture your guts residents
Eat a high fiber diet
Chew thoroughly
Cleanse and Detoxify
Skip the bad habits
Incorporate prebiotics and probiotics
Will eating smaller meals curb my hunger
Your Gut Is Your Second Brain
Choose high quality fresh organic foods
Binge drinking causes acid related digestive disorders
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