healthy nose

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Steam up their lungs

Healthy Nose

Steam up their lungs

If your child has a cough, especially the kind known as croupy cough, which sounds like hacking or barking, run a hot, steamy shower and bring her into the bathroom; it will help open up her airways. Aim for 15-minute sessions, four times a day, says Dr. Cardiello. The humidity relieves the upper-airway swelling that can cause the croupy cough.

Cleaning Your Sinuses
Air Pollutants and Irritants
Use Nasal Sprays
Keep Your Allergies Under Control
Nasal hygiene and allergies
Humidity in the Air
stuffy nose
Allergy Related Sinus Problems
Tips for Gentle Nose Blowing
Keep them home
Bathing The Nose
The protective role of the mucous membrane
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