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Soothing Your Nose Hydrate the Skin

Healthy Nose

Soothing Your Nose Hydrate the Skin

A red, rough nose is the hallmark of an allergy sufferer. But it doesnt have to be. Pampering the skin on and around your nose can help keep it feeling and looking healthy. When your skin gets rough and dry, what it really needs is water, says Nia Terezakis, MD, a dermatologist in New Orleans. She recommends applying a little corn oil to the area. To help add moisture, she suggests applying the oil to wet skin with wet hands.The key is to make sure both your hands and face are wet first, Terezakis says. Afterward, blot it very gently with a soft towel. When you pat dry, youre actually helping to push moisture into your skin, she explains. Terezakis recommends using corn oil because it has less odor than other oils, though she says any type of vegetable oil will work.

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