healthy nose

Air Pollutants and Irritants

Healthy Nose

Air Pollutants and Irritants
Contaminated air inside and outside your house can cause sinus problems. Cigarette smoke and other air pollutants decrease the effectiveness of the mucociliary transport system in the nose and sinuses, which can result in swelling and congestion, says Kelleher. Cigarette smoke both from smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke contains chemicals and irritants that can make allergies worse and cause other sinus problems. Wood smoke, smog, fumes, and dust are other common sources of irritants.

Steam up their lungs
Bathing The Nose
Keep Your Allergies Under Control
Drink Lots of Fluids
Good Hygiene for Healthy Sinuses
Keep them home
Nasal hygiene and infection
Tips for Gentle Nose Blowing
Allergy Related Sinus Problems
Smoking and the Nose
Avoid Contact with Allergy Triggers
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