Healthy Nose
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Humidity in the Air
Keeping your homes air a bit more humid can help improve nose health as well. Humidity helps prevent things like waking in the middle of the night with nasal problems and can increase the ease of breathing. In some cases it can also help cut down on snoring because the nasal passages are not clogged. Using a simple humidifier will allow you to control the level of moisture in the homes air. It is not necessary to add medications to the humidifier because all youre seeking is relief from the dry air. Dry air is especially common in the winter time and if you have forced hot air heat this may be the only time that you experience discomfort. Humidity can be helpful regardless of whether you suffer from asthma, allergies, or tend not to suffer from any breathing problems.

Steam up their lungs
Dry nose
Keep them home
Changes in Air Pressure
Cough sneeze sniffle
Use a Humidifier
Health care of the Nose
Cleaning Your Sinuses

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