healthy leg

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Healthy Leg

41. Drop Set
Start your set with a weight that is approximately 30% more than you would normally lift. Complete 4 6 repetitions at this weight. Quickly drop the weight to 30% less than you would normally lift and finish your set with 8 10 more repetitions, says Dolgan. This essentially pre fatigues your muscles and makes them think that you have completed more work than you actually have.
42. Mix Up Your Range of Motion on Moves
We dont typically use our body in full range of motion (ROM) in everyday activities like we do in the gym. Try to complete one repetition with only 25 percent ROM, one repetition with 50 percent ROM, one repetition with 75 percent ROM and one set with full ROM. Vary these range of motions randomly within each set, suggests Dolgan.
43. Vary Your Pushing Speed
The lowering speed should always be fairly slow; however, changing the speeds of your pushing phase will help you mimic real life. Try one repetition slowly, one at a medium pace and one explosively fast. Randomly mix different speeds into your pushing phase, recommends Dolgan. This is a great way to incorporate power training into your strength training routine and speed up your results.

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