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Healthy Knee

Purchase some knee sleeves
Dont skimp on your warm up
Want healthy knees Focus on ankle and hip mobility
Get your glutes firing
Forget about isolating the VMO
Get some balance in your training
Stop pain provoking activities
Dont be afraid to isolate after traumatic injury
Do some single leg work
Get your glutes and hamstrings stronger
Learn to absorb force
Get your body in proper alignment
Learn how to lift
Beware the irritated rectus femoris
Eat an anti inflammatory diet
Take Joint Regenerating Protecting
Get some soft tissue work done
Stretch your quads and calves
Straight Leg Lift
Wall Sit
Single Calf Raise
Quadriceps Stretch
Modified Hurdlers Stretch
On your bike
Tailor your routines
Rest up
Be aware
If you should fall
First try non surgical options
Seek expert opinion
Remember you have options
And finally the surgical approach
On your bike again
No more knee pain
Dont bound up and down stairs
Dont stroll on the grass
Work your inner thighs
Watch Your Weight
Pace Yourself
Dont Wait Too Long to See a Doctor
Find the Right Treatment
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