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Know when to see a doctor

Healthy Foot

Know when to see a doctor

Dont attempt to self-treat painful foot woes. I see many patients who have attempted what I call bathroom surgery, and theyve made the problem worse, says Kurtz. Any pain, redness, swelling, or discoloration that persists should be checked out by a podiatric physician. Usually the problem can be cleared up with prescription medicine or a minor in-office procedure. Allowing a doctor to take a look will help prevent minor problems from becoming major ones.

Get Support
Keep Your Skin Dry
Never trim corns and calluses
Wear Sunscreen
Head of sweaty feet
Inspect Your Feet Every Day
Consider Orthotics
Dont Go Barefoot
Control Blood Sugar
Protect your feet in public areas
Examine your feet for problems
Choose breathable footwear
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