healthy eyes

Turn up the light

Healthy Eyes

Turn up the light

As we get older we need more light to see ? a 60 year old will need three times as much light as a 20 year old to see properly. As the change happens gradually you might not have noticed however. Make sure your rooms are adequately lit; consider buying extra lighting if you find yourself struggling to see easily. Insufficient light can cause eye strain, which in turn may lead to symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches and aching shoulders.

Turn up the light
Keep a healthy diet
Work safe
Dont Smoke
Don t rub your eyes
Get some fresh air
Eat Leafy Greens Dark Berries and ColdWater Fish
Never use old makeup
Sit 50 60 cm away from your screen
Eat Whole Eggs
Protecting the eyes during sports continued
Pregnancy and Vision
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