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Protecting the eyes during sports continued

Healthy Eyes

Protecting the eyes during sports continued

Eye protection should be used when playing most ball sports, ophthalmologists advise. Most sporting goods stores sell plastic, moulded shields or masks appropriate for different sports. Its generally considered best not to wear contact lenses when swimming. Soft lenses may well up and stick to the eye because of different concentrations of salt and minerals within the fluid inside the lens and in the pool water. In sea water, they may flatten out and also get lost. Wait until they return to their normal shape before removing them from the eye. Its better to use disposable lenses you can get rid of afterwards.

Eat a Balanced Diet
Keep Your Blood Pressure And Your Weight In Check
Never be shy about asking for advice
Work safe
Keep a healthy diet
Get some fresh air
Don t rub your eyes
Control the Air Quality in Your Home or Office
Never use old makeup
Take a break
Eat Whole Eggs
Turn up the light
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