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Healthy Ear


At home or work, wear hearing protection during exposure to loud levels of noise. This includes mowing the lawn, leaf blowing or using power tools. By law, a noisy work environment requires use of hearing protection. Hunting shops and some garden centers carry ear-protecting headgear.Ear buds, such as those that come with an IPOD or MP3 player, do not protect your hearing. lso,listening to music while using power tools is dangerous to your hearing and should be avoided.When using stereos and home theater systems, avoid high volume levels. If you think it is too loud, it probably is.When using personal sound systems, the volume should be at a comfortable level. If someone else can hear what you are listening to, the volume is too high. Remove the headphones from time to time to give your ears a rest.Wear earplugs at rock concerts, nightclubs and motor sporting events.Keep automobile sound systems at sensible volumes. This can help you avoid hearing damage and allow you to hear and yield to emergency vehicles.

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