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General Care

Healthy Ear

General Care

Have your ears checked regularly by your primary care physician. Have your hearing checked by an audiologist if you or anyone else questions whether your hearing is normal. Consult an ear physician as necessary.When outdoors in sunny weather, remember to use a sunscreen on your ears.If you notice unusual bumps or scaly areas on the exterior ear, consult your physician.Know the warning signs of hearing loss:Difficulty hearing conversations, especially in the presence of background noise Frequently asking others to repeat what they have said Misunderstanding what other people say and answering inappropriately Difficulty hearing on the telephone Requiring the television or radio volume to be louder than others in the room prefer Feeling that people are mumbling or have marbles in their mouth when they talk Difficulty hearing environmental sounds, such as birds chirping Agreeing, nodding your head, or smiling during conversations when you are not sure what has been said Withdrawing from conversations and social situations because it is too difficult to hear Reading lips so you can try to follow what people are saying Straining to hear or keep up with conversations Noise within your ears or head, called tinnitus, which is not caused by an external sound source See an ear doctor immediately if you injure your ears, experience ear pain, or notice changes in your ears or hearing.

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